The Collective Well Being

In the Moonlight

We believe in collective actions.

A team of enthusiasts, headed by our beloved doctor, have been involved in holding conversations within the community to comprehend the larger picture. This platform, identified by children and their parents, has the life of an adolescent, blooming through puberty as the backdrop. Connecting the current threads around menstruation, health, lifestyle and learning, the collective weaves a story of reverence.

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For the women in full bloom, Pirai is our own series of reusable cloth pads. It is time to start talking about bleeding and what stays close to the most sensitive part of a women.

Menstrual hygiene day 2019
Why did we choose to talk about it..?
A polythene bag that causes so much pollution is talked about by many ppl.. social workers,  environmentalists etc.. but none talks about a disposable pads thats is as harmful as four polythene bags.. the reason is simple.. menstruation is a taboo.., it is a secret topic that none want to address openly. Any problem that is not discussed, never gets solved too. Hence we see dumpyards being filled with sanitary pads everywhere. 
Alternate to disposable pads :
Cloth pads
Menstrual cups
Does menstruation matters to men?
We live in a society where we are have predominant gender stereotypes .. like men don’t cook.. men can’t babysit.. etc..Also it continues as men need not know abt menstruation and not necessary to speak about. The result is , lots of men doesn’t know what their women is going through, physically and mentally and what she uses in her menses etc.. It is high time that boys and men are taught the science behind the hormonal rush, tantrums and cramps .. Patriarchy is nurtured by woman.. and the gender stereotypes starts at home..Hence we should provide more opportunity for young boys and girls to discuss the topics of puberty at home first. 
The waste dumped in piles is not just a women’s problem, it’s a global problem that  includes men..
Health and environment :
Health is a personal choice. The harmful or sustainable products we use, the junk or healthy foods that we eat is a personal choice we make that will alter and define our Wellness .. 
But environment is not so. It is not a personal choice. If something that we throw disturbs the ecosystem and earth, that should be avoided . An alternate should be sought.  It’s not a choice, it’s a necessity.
On this menstrual hygiene day, each one can teach one, talk to someone regarding your queries, ask about the way they dispose their pads in school, workplace, travel etc.. If you are in position to change something, try to put effort and make a difference. If the topic is very new to you, read more about it. 
All the great changes in the world started with a small change from within.. Let that change start with you today..❤